Man shocked after getting text saying he'll be charged $10.70 weekly for service he didn't subscribe to

Submitted by Stomper Rajesh

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Stomper Rajesh was shocked when he received a text on Feb 25 telling him that $10.70 would be charged to his Singtel account every week for a service that he had never heard of.

The subscription was for FitnessGuru PRO that according to the King Mobile site, sends diet and health tips to subscribers.

"I did not sign up for this service and I had never heard of it before," said Rajesh.

He immediately called Singtel and a customer service officer cancelled the subscription for him.

They also set up a Premium Rate Services (PRS) Barring service for him to bar his number from subscribing to chargeable mobile content.

Rajesh added that he called the number indicated in the text twice.

"A guy answered but after he listened to me ask why I was subscribed to a service I didn't ask to be subscribed to, he hung up," he said.

In response to a Stomp media query, a Singtel spokesman shed more light on PRS rules:

“Customer service is a top priority at Singtel and customer feedback is extremely important to us. 

"Customers can subscribe to Premium Rate Services (PRS), otherwise known as third-party content, such as games, quizzes and contests. 

"They must complete a three-step registration process which can include submitting a password, before they can successfully subscribe to the content and charges are confirmed. 

"We understand some of our customers are concerned that they may have inadvertently subscribed to third-party content from certain content providers and we are actively assisting them.

"In abundance of caution and pending further investigations, we have asked the third party content providers to temporarily halt their activities. 

"Singtel enforces strict guidelines on third-party content providers. 

"We have clear measures in place to protect our customers’ interests and ensure they are fully aware when charges are involved.

"For example, we require all content providers to clearly state the charges for each and every transaction.

"They must also provide a three-step registration process, easy-to-follow instructions on how to unsubscribe and a hotline number to call for assistance."

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