Man keeps eating and drinking on MRT even after 'no eating or drinking' sign is pointed out to him

Submitted by Stomper Rahman

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He did not care.

A man continued enjoying his food and drink on the MRT train even after another passenger pointed out the "no eating or drinking' sign to him.

The other passenger was Stomper Rahman, who shared a video of the man sucking his beverage from a straw in a disposable cup and taking a bite of something in a plastic bag while seated in a train carriage.

The Stomper recounted: "I spotted a portly chap on the MRT from Boon Lay to Changi Airport, chowing down and swigging with reckless abandon.

"To my dismay, an elderly gentleman sitting next to him appeared quite uneasy, perhaps due to his rather uncouth dining style.

"Summoning my inner superhero, I pointed to the 'no eating' sign posted nearby, hoping to enlighten him about our nation's laws.

"However, the fella merely glanced at the sign with steely defiance and carried on devouring his grub, seemingly unfazed.

"To top it off, he then sauntered over to the reserved seat area and resumed his gastronomic shenanigans, much to the chagrin of his fellow passengers."

The Stomper also shared a photo of the man in a priority seat relaxing against the glass panel and holding onto his drink.

The fine for eating or drinking on the MRT train is $500.