Passengers drink and eat on train, one swears at Stomper and shows middle finger when confronted

Submitted by Stomper Jun, Anonymous

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Is it a food court or the MRT?

One young person was caught on camera enjoying his bubble tea on the MRT while in a separate incident, another swore at a fellow passenger and showed the middle finger for telling him not to eat on the train.

In 1987, the Rapid Transit Systems Act was established by Parliament and it was declared that no food or drink was to be consumed in MRT trains and stations. If you do, you will be issued a notification of offence which carries a fine of up to $500.

Stomper Jun shared photos of a bespectacled young man standing in a carriage and drinking his bubble tea through a straw while watching something on his phone.

"It was taken on March 4 at 1.10pm from Boon Lay to Jurong East station," said the Stomper.

"He seemed oblivious, just drinking throughout the journey. Obviously, he thought that he was probably not doing anything wrong or the chances of him getting caught is next to zero since there is no staff available 24/7.

"Unless SMRT comes up with a SMS reporting service, I doubt they will be strict in enforcing it."

Often, when a Stomper shares a photo or video of someone obviously doing something they should not, netizens would comment that the Stomper should have told that person off.

The following incident illustrates why some people may choose not to do so.

Stomper Anonymous was on the train when the passenger sitting next to him had his lunch.

"On Feb 24 at 12:40pm, I boarded the train at Serangoon MRT station heading towards Harbourfront. This student was eating his burrito in the priority seat," said the Stomper.

"I told him it was not allowed to consume food in the train and that I was going to report him. He swore an F-word at me and asked me to take a video of him eating and swearing."

Which was what the Stomper did.

What would you have done in such situations?