Man in Malaysia loses two fingers after getting hand caught in meat grinder

A 22-year-old stall helper lost two fingers after getting his hand stuck in a meat grinder on Oct 27 at a shop in Bintulum, Sarawak.

According to New Straits Times Online, the victim identified as Irfan was preparing ingredients at the shop with the grinder when his hands got stuck inside the machine.

He tried to remove his hand on his own, but failed.

Irfan was then brought to the fire station by his employer. The meat grinder was still attached to the 22-year-old's hand as he was seeking assistance.

Eight firemen spent around 40 minutes freeing the Irfan's hand from the machine. His middle and index finger were found to be mangled and torn from his hand as a result of the mishap.

He was then sent to Hospital Buntulu by ambulance for further treatment.