Man in Hong Kong attacks, binds girl before sexually assaulting her as she suffocated to death

A man restrained a 15-year-old girl with tape and cable ties, before sexually assaulting her as she suffocated, a Hong Kong court heard on Wednesday (Dec 27).

The accused, Lau Cheung-fai had asked the girl, Kwok Wai-ming, to his flat for a photo shoot, reports South China Morning Post via The Star.

During the shoot, Kwok refused to change into a costume provided by Lau, triggering an assault from the latter. 

Lau, ‘in a detailed and shaking account’, described how he had taken a glass ketchup bottle and bludgeoned the victim, repeatedly striking her head, said Public prosecutor Martyn Richmond. 

According to Lau’s account, Kwok had fought back but was ultimately subdued by nylon cables tied around her neck and ankles. 

Lau also wrapped tape around Kwok's wrists, head and face, which inadvertently led to her suffocating. 

He then proceeded to force her to drink Chinese wine, removed her underwear, and sexually assaulted her, even as she was likely to have been ‘asphyxiating’, Richmond said.

“She was suffocating. She was dying.”

Richmond cited the ‘terrible’ way Lau had disposed of Kwok’s body after killing her — by squeezing her body into a suitcase and forcing the lock closed. 

After placing the victim’s body into a suitcase, Lau wheeled the case to the nearby Harbour Hotel.