Man goes behind Jurong West shop counter and helps himself to 3 iPhones, police investigating

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A man was caught on camera helping himself to a 'handphone buffet' at a shop in Jurong West -- which he did not even pay for.

Stomper Anonymous, who owns the store at Block 960 Jurong West Street 92, said the incident took place on Monday (Jan 14), at around 1.40pm.

She was not in the shop at that time.

According to the Stomper, there was only one employee in the shop instead of the usual two as the other employee had left to attend to something.

A video contributed by Anonymous shows what happened:

  • A man in a blue jersey enters the shop

  • The shop employee turns around from the glass counter and attends to the man

  • Another man in a black shirt approaches and goes behind the now unattended counter

  • This man slides out the display and swipes multiple phones

  • He leaves the shop with the stack of phones in his hands

Three smartphones were taken in total, said Anonymous:

  • A 64GB iPhone 6 Plus

  • A 32GB iPhone 7 Plus

  • A 128GB iPhone 7 Plus

Anonymous, who subsequently made a police report, told Stomp: "The man seemed to know how the shop operates as he knew exactly where to strike and what to take.

"I believe he could have been working with the man in the No. 21 blue jersey."

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirm that a police was lodged and investigations are ongoing.

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