Man gets pinned down by police officers outside Rivervale Plaza McDonald's after shouting at and challenging diners

Submitted by Stomper Ks

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A man was pinned down by police officers at around 3am today (Jul 2) outside a McDonald's restaurant at Rivervale Plaza after allegedly acting aggressively towards diners and staff.

Stomper KS had arrived at the location to get a bite to eat when he saw people running out of the restaurant.

He asked them what was going on and found out that a man had been creating a scene inside.

"They told me that he was going around challenging people and shouting at them and that he even hit a few of them," said KS.

"He also smashed items on the counter before the manager called the police."

"Initially, two officers arrived at the scene but they only managed to subdue him when another two more officers joined them."

In a video shared by the Stomper, the man continued to shout out and yell while he was lying face down on the ground and being held by the officers.

He described the man to be in his 40s.

"He didn't look to be quite right and his eyes were very red."

According to KS, an ambulance arrived 45 minutes later and the man left the scene in it.

In response to Stomp media queries, a police spokesman said:

"n Jul 2 2017 at 3.22am the police received a call for assistance at 118 Rivervale Drive.

"A 49-year-old man was subsequently arrested under the Mental Health Act."