Man tackled by police at Changi Airport: New video shows him hurling vulgarities, pushing officers

A new video has emerged showing a man hurling vulgarities at and shoving police officers before being pinned down by them at Changi Airport on April 20.

The clip was posted on All Singapore Stuff yesterday (May 12), and shows the man refusing to listen to police officers while dancing and pointing the middle finger at them.

He also hurls vulgarities at them and shoves them repeatedly.

The man's unruly behaviour prompts even passers-by to kick him.

Two initial clips of the incident went viral on April 20, showing multiple officers pinning the man to the ground after a long struggle.

Police had previously stated in response to the incident that they had received a request for assistance at Terminal 2 at 12.29am.

The 44-year-old man, who was seen being aggressive in the clips, had allegedly hurled abusive language towards a 48-year-old man before snatching and smashing his phone.

He was subsequently arrested for "using abusive language against public servants and criminal force to deter public servants from discharging their duties", the police said.