Man gets leg badly twisted after getting rammed by lorry at HillV2

Submitted by Stomper Karthik

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A man's leg was badly twisted after he was rammed by a lorry at HillV2 yesterday morning (Mar 29).

In one of the videos contributed by Stomper Karthik, the man can be seen guiding a red lorry out of a loading bay. However, instead of slowing down as it approaches the man, the lorry continues on its path, ploughing into the man and pinning him against a fence.   

The words 'Farmland' and 'Ben Foods (S) Pte Ltd' can be seen emblazoned on the side of the lorry. 

Another video shows the man sitting on the ground, and both his knees seem to be twisted at an unnatural angle. He looks dazed as his colleagues talk to him and try to help him up. 

A Frontline lanyard -- a company providing security manpower services -- can also be seen around his neck. 

The driver of the vehicle was subsequently stopped by security guards. He can be seen shaking his head repeatedly when one of the security guards requests for his driving licence. 

A spokesperson from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) told Stomp:

“SCDF was alerted to the incident at about 11.30am. One ambulance was dispatched.

A male Indian in his twenties was conveyed to National University Hospital and the hospital was alerted to be on standby to receive him."

A police spokesperson added that the 30-year-old male lorry driver was arrested in relation to the case.

Check out the videos below.