Man gets hit in the face by banner flapping in the wind at Chinatown

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A man was walking past a food shop at Chinatown when he was suddenly hit by a banner that was flapping in the wind on Saturday afternoon (June 11).

Stomper Brian told Stomp that the banner that was put up outside City Donut along McCallum Street was not secured and hit his face and eye.

"I've since recovered but now have a scar on my face near my eye," he said.

"I have also had a headache for a few days since my eye was hit by the poster, it was very painful.

"I did talk to the manager on-duty and am waiting for them to reply me but it seems like they don't care, no one has contacted me.

He added that he has not visited a doctor.

"They didn't respond to me at all, I'm worried no one will be responsible for the medical bill," he said.

"From my experience, when this kind of incident happens, the shop needs to take action immediately to make sure the person is taken care of first.

"I've been running a restaurant for more than 15 years, if any incident happens in my restaurant's area, I will make sure the person gets fully taken care of and follow up on what is the next thing we can do."

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