Man expects lunch at food court to be pricey due to drumstick, but gets a shock anyway

Submitted by Stomper Never Go Again

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A man expected to fork out more for his lunch at Fusionopolis as he had ordered a chicken drumstick.

However, the final bill of $9.30 left him shocked nevertheless.

Stomper Never Go Again said he ordered a plate of economy rice at Koufu food court on Jan 11. He was charged:

  • $4 for a drumstick
  • $0.80 for rice that was "hard and not well-cooked"
  • $1.50 for baked beans
  • $1.50 for steamed egg
  • $1.50 for potatoes

The Stomper added: "This is my first time buying from them. Due to the drumstick, I expected my meal to be at most $7."

Needless to say, Stomper Never Go Again said he will never go back to the stall again.