How can this meal in Bishan cost $3.90 when there's no meat?

Submitted by Stomper Rose

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Is this plate of economy noodles really economical?

Stomper Rose visited a coffee shop at Block 284 Bishan Street 22 for breakfast on Jan 11, at around 9.30am, and was shocked to be charged $3.90 for her meal.

She had ordered fried noodles with long beans and a sunny side-up.

Rose told Stomp: "The staff did mention the noodles was $2 after I asked her to reduce the portion.

"However, I expected the meal to be below $3 as there was no meat in it. I was shocked that it cost $3.90.

"Is this normal for economy noodles for breakfast? I definitely will not come back again!"

How much would you pay for the same meal?