Diner says $2.70 for rice with 2 dishes is too costly, but Yishun stall tells him 'price increase'

Submitted by Stomper Chris

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A diner was charged $2.70 with white rice with beancurd and bitter gourd at Broadway Coffeeshop in Yishun.

Stomper Chris feels that the Jan 4 meal from Block 414 Yishun Ring Road is too expensive.

He said the rice cost $0.70, while the tau pok and bitter gourd were $1 each.

He told Stomp: "This is not my first time at the stall. I patronised it two years ago and the price should be $2.20, not $2.70. This is too expensive.

"One piece of tau pok should be only $0.50, not $1. Would you pay $1 for tau pok? A whole packet costs only $1.40."

Asked if he questioned the stall about the cost of his meal, Chris told Stomp: "Yes, they said price increase."