Koufu at SGH under fire for $11.80 nasi padang, $3.50 'stale' bread set that doesn't look like photo

Scroll through the Complaint Singapore Facebook page and you will notice a relentless string of grievances involving food.

Food court operator Koufu has found itself the object of ire more than once recently.

Facebook user D Eleanor Tan posted in the group on Dec 5, expressing shock over how she paid $11.80 for a plate of nasi padang at Singapore General Hospital (SGH)'s Koufu outlet earlier that day.

She said she was charged $5 for seafood (prawns), $1 for sayur lodeh (vegetable stew), and "if you want toufu add $1".

Tan also tagged Koufu in her post and wrote: "Unbelievable price".

She further took issue with the overall high prices at the food court, and it seems like she's not the only one echoing such sentiments.

Another Facebook user had complained about the same Koufu outlet at SGH on Nov 24.

The user, Celeste Neo, said she ordered Vietnamese Bread with Pork Meatball. According to the menu board, the set costs $3.50 and comes with side vegetables.

According to Neo, her bread was stale and the salad was missing.

She wrote: "Staff had poor attitude too: rolled her eyes when I called her to tell her I just ordered on the app (she was sitting at the far end of the store and playing with her phone) and just waved me off to say 'it's like that' when I asked her for sauce with my meatball as shown in the picture.

"Very annoyed. Eat at your own risk."

Koufu commented on Neo's post and said they were investigating the incident.

A third diner had also taken to the group to share his disbelief over the cost of a meal at Koufu recently.

Facebook user Terrence's Lim said he was charged $4.40 for a plate of fried kway teow with egg and chicken.

He did not specify the outlet in question, but asked: "Is it the norm nowadays $4.40 for such a plate of breakfast at Koufu? Cost of living really jialat increased so much?"

Many netizens responded that yes, this is indeed the norm now.

One commented: "Welcome to Expensipore."

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