Supermarket refutes man's claims he was overcharged after paying $1.80 for less than 1kg of carrots

Submitted by Stomper Concern

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Another weighing oversight?

A customer claimed he was overcharged after paying $1.80 for carrots at the Prime Supermarket at Block 106 Hougang Avenue 1.

Stomper Concern said: "I am sharing this as this Prime Supermarket branch is patronised by many senior citizens who may not be aware that they had been overcharged.

"I bought these carrots on Feb 25 and the price should be $1.80 per kg.

"When paying, I saw the cashier not weighing them and just keyed in $1.80. I asked him if he weighed them and he insisted he did.

"I did not want to argue with him and so I weighed them when I was home. True enough, the carrots were less than 500g.

"I hope Stomp can share so Prime will be more responsible and ensure their SOP is in place to avoid overcharging."

The Stomper shared a photo of his receipt, which shows he paid $1.80 for the Australian carrots.

In response to a Stomp query, a Prime Supermarket spokesman said: "We received the feedback from this customer, we have checked and explained that the carrots are selling for $1.80 per packet."

The company also shared a photo of the shelf price of the carrots, which said: "This store's special: Carrot (Aus) (3/pkt) 1 for $1.80."

Informed of the supermarket's response, the Stomper said: "This was not what was communicated. I suggest you ask them how much they sell per kilogram.

"According to what they claim now, a kilo would have cost almost double of what was sold at supermarkets like Fairprice (1kg of similar carrots from Australia cost around $2 only) as the packet I bought from Prime was less than 470g.

"At Sheng Siong, the price is $1.90 per kilogram."

But that seems like a different issue.