Customer pays $13.90 for 1kg of pork ribs that weigh only 620g, Prime Supermarket blames supplier

Submitted by Stomper KD

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First, it was bak kwa. Now, it is pork ribs.

A Prime Supermarket customer felt cheated after discovering that the BBQ pork ribs he bought weighed less than what he paid for.

Stomper KD had paid $13.90 for 1kg of the ribs on Jan 19 at the supermarket in Century Square in Tampines.

But when he weighed his purchase at home, it was only 620g.

"This is blatant cheating by Prime Supermarket," said the Stomper.

"I wouldn't have even checked the weight until a friend of mine bought supposedly 2kg only to find out he was shortchanged by almost 800g. Each pack weighed only around 600g.

"When my friend called the supermarket, they apparently did not sound surprised and he felt they did this cheating deliberately. They merely ask him to go back to the store and ask the manager to request the remaining 800g of ribs."

In response to a Stomp query, a Prime Supermarket spokesman explained what happened.

"Our supplier was using the baby ribs instead of the prime ribs," said the spokesman.

"The baby ribs weighed about 500g to 600g per piece, and the prime ribs weighed 1kg per piece. Thus our staff gave the customer one piece of pork rib instead of two pieces per purchase.

"We have rectified and clarified the pork ribs' weight with our supplier after feedback from customers. We have since invited customers back for the correct weight of pork ribs and apologised for the miscommunication that caused inconvenience for our customers."

Earlier this month, Stomp reported that the parents of a Stomper paid $57.60 for 1kg of bak kwa, but later discovered their purchase weighed only 576.6g.

The seller, Chop Hup Chong, explained: "Our staff could have given them the wrong pack or made a mistake in wrapping the bak kwa, as there are times when the crowd is overwhelming.

"If the weight is 576.6g, they most definitely got a 500g pack instead of the 1kg pack."

It seems we should all start weighing everything we buy.