Hao Megamart customer 'horrified' to find meat he bought weighed 22% less after being minced

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There was less to the weight than "meat" the eye.

A customer said he was "horrified" to find that the meat he bought weighed 22 per cent less after being minced at Hao Megamart in The Grandstand at Turf Club Road.

After the incident, Stomper Martin wants to warn other consumers to always weigh their purchases.

"I was at Hao Mart in Turf City last month to purchase some minced meat," recounted the Stomper.

"I selected two pieces of pork weighing a total of 564g to be minced and was told to come back later as it will take some time to be minced even though I was the only one there.

"When I came back later, I was handed a bag of minced meat. However, the bag seems lighter and, thankfully, I went to weigh it."

"I was horrified to see the bag weighed 436g, which was 22 per cent less."

The Stomper shared a photo of the bag of minced meat on a weighing scale, showing the weight as 436g, even though the label on the bag said 564g.

He continued: "I approached the guy and he added more minced meat to make up the difference. He said that maybe some minced meat was stuck in the machine.

"A representative from Aw's Market later reached out to me and said that some of the meats got stuck in the machine during the process of mincing."

Aw's Market operates the butchery at the Hao Megamart.

The Stomper shared a screenshot of the message where the company apologised for the "underweighed pork lean hind" meat.

"I am not the expert, but is it reasonable to expect 22 per cent of the meat to be stuck in a machine when mincing? That is a very unreliable output. Is that the norm for a mincing machine?" asked the Stomper.

"Given the numerous reports recently where consumers get less than they paid for, I think it's time the authorities step in to investigate if there is a clear intention to cheat the consumers. Perhaps all supermarkets should make available weighing scales in public areas for consumers to verify the weight of their purchases."

Stomp previously reported on Jan 27 that a Prime Supermarket customer paid $13.90 for 1kg of pork ribs that weighed only 620g.

Earlier on Jan 16, it was reported that another Stomper said that his parents paid $57.60 for 1kg of bak kwa that weighed only 576.6g.

Coincidentally, all three incidents last month involved pork.