Man caught on video taking woman's bra from outside Punggol unit

A man was caught on video taking a woman's bra and top from a drying rack outside a housing unit in Punggol.

The video was posted on Everyday SG's Facebook page.

It was contributed by someone named Ms Cheong who wrote:

"Punggol area lai sha (bra) thief. Beware all my Punggol friends!! See this fell let me know. Thanks!"

The time stamp on the video indicates that the incident happened on Nov 30 at 10.23am.

In the video, the man is walking by the unit when he stops to look through the laundry hanging from bamboo poles.

He slowly sifts through the items and takes some of them off the rack before putting them back.

He walks away but soon returns to the drying rack to look at the clothing items again.

He eventually takes a bra and what looks to be a woman's top from the rack before starting to walk away again.

He stops to return the hangers and then walks to the end of the corridor where he stuffs the items into his backpack.

Watch the video below.