Man beaten unconscious for stopping alleged groping now gets scolded vulgarities for filming guy

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Police were called in twice over a dispute, involving Stomper James and another man, that occurred at Golden Mile Food Centre on Sunday evening (June 3).

In an earlier article, James told Stomp how he was assaulted by a man at the same hawker centre on March 31, after stepping up to intervene when he allegedly saw the man's friend groping a woman.

The Stomper, who said he was "knocked out on the first punch" and only regained consciousness ten minutes later, suffered a head injury and a fractured arm in that incident.

Police were also alerted to the case of voluntarily causing grievous hurt.

On Sunday at around 7.30pm, James returned to Golden Mile Food Centre and was having dinner there when another altercation took place.

He said: "I spotted a man who was part of a group with the two guys from the first incident, though this man was not involved in that case.

"I started filming him."

Stomp understands that the man got upset and turned aggressive upon realising that he was being filmed. He also allegedly tried to throw punches at James.

Videos contributed by James show the man hurling vulgarities such as "f*** you* at him, while other patrons tried to restrain the latter.

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"Two guys tried to stop the man," added James.

A voice can be heard saying in the background: "Enough already, happy can already."

One of the uncles who had restrained the man then approached James, who said: "Never mind, you siam lah. Not your daiji ['business' in Hokkien]."

When the uncle asked James "can you please go home", the Stomper replied: "The police is already here. Too much la, I never do anything, I come here drink only mah."

Stomp understands that the police were called in twice, at 8pm+ and at 10pm+, as the dispute had started again after officers left the first time.

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