Man attacked by bear in China wildlife park after trying to feed it

A man was attacked by a black bear after attempting to feed it through his car window at Badaling Wildlife World in Yanqing district, Beijing on Friday (Aug 18).

The horrifying moment was captured on video by his friend who was sitting in the passenger's seat.

The man had opened his window slightly to throw snacks at the bears near his car when one of them suddenly attacked him.

According to Beijing News, the man attempted to close the window but the anti-pinch function installed in the car was activated by the attack and instead of closing the window it opened it further.

The man managed to step on the pedal and escape from danger but not before suffering a serious bite on his left arm.

After the park wardens were alerted to the incident, they scared the bears away and rushed the man to hospital where he received vaccines.

Local authorities have ordered the wildlife park to limit the number of cars driven by tourists into the park after the incident, reports China Daily.