Man arrested for voyeurism after being chased down by TikToker, says he's 'really stressed'

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A man was arrested for voyeurism after he was allegedly caught taking upskirt pictures of women and detained by members of the public.

TikTok user KameHao uploaded a video of the incident that occurred in Balestier on Sunday (June 11) and shared how he had chased after the suspect.

In the video, KameHao said he had been pursuing the suspect for two to three minutes and was "lagging behind" because he was "running out of stamina" -- but so was the suspect.



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The suspect, who is barefoot, can be seen being chased down into the sheltered carpark of Balestier Plaza while KameHao yells after him, "Why are you running?"

KameHao eventually catches up with the suspect and a Grab rider helps to call the police.

A confrontation ensues.

Suspect: Sorry.

KameHao: Tell me what you were doing first.

Suspect: I was just filming.

KameHao: Film what? What were you filming?


Suspect: I really can't go to jail.

The suspect then appears to say that he is "stressed" when questioned by KameHao.

KameHao: Then what did you film? Did you film one person or a lot of them?

Suspect: There are a few more inside.

KameHao: All here?

Suspect: *shakes head slightly* No lah.

KameHao: How many more what? Why did you film?

Suspect: I'm really stressed, please don't do this.


Suspect: I know I'm wrong.

KameHao: Then why did you take photos of them?

Suspect: You know guys.

KameHao: There's Internet lah!

The police arrived in no time, added the video.

In response to a Stomp query, the police said they were alerted to a case of voyeurism along 352 Balestier Road at 6.28pm.

A 46-year-old man was arrested for voyeurism and police investigations are ongoing.