Man and woman fighting with his ex-GF for custody -- of an iPhone

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A man and his current partner are in a dispute with his ex-girlfriend over the ownership of an iPhone.

The couple insist that the iPhone was a loan from the man and now want it returned, but the ex-girlfriend refuses to do so and maintains that the phone was a gift from him.

Stomper Anonymous, who identified herself as the man's wife, call his ex-girlfriend a "21-year-old cheapstake Singaporean gold digger"

Sharing screenshots of texts exchanged among the three of them, Anonymous said: "This lady here is really born with a really thick skin (sic). She was my husband’s ex girlfriend before we got together.

"So fast forward to the main point, while they were together, my husband bought her an Oppo phone as a birthday gift for her.

"After that when my husband re-contracted his line and upgraded his old iPhone XS Max to an iPhone 12 Pro Max, he lent the old iPhone to her.

"After they broke up, my husband did not ask for the iPhone back as she claimed that she needed the phone and her family is not doing very well to get a replacement phone for her. Therefore, my husband continued to lend her the phone as he has his own.

"Right now, my husband is asking for his phone back, but she is giving all sorts of reasons."

One screenshot shows Anonymous contacting her husband's ex-girlfriend via Facebook Messenger.

The Stomper added: "Firstly, she said she has sold off the phone. Then, she said she is using it right now.

"Secondly, she changed her words, saying that my husband give the phone to her. But when she was asked for evidence to prove that my husband had mentioned giving her the phone, she could not produce any form of proof.

"So, she said the phone was hers. But how can the phone belong to her when the original phone box is with my husband? If my husband really did give her the phone, why is he still holding on to the phone box?

"I also warned her that if my husband is gonna report the phone as lost, it would definitely be traced back to her, which is gonna be a hassle for both herself and my husband.

"After that, she decided to not reply me and texted my husband personally. But end up, she wants my husband to return her back all the items that she had bought for him in return for his iPhone. Okay, that’s fair enough for me.

"But the problem here is all the items that she had bought for my husband, the money was all my husband's money as she wasn’t working and my husband was supporting her.

"So do all these items count as hers or my hubby's?"

Screenshots show the ex-girlfriend calling the man a "pathetic petty guy" and asking him to return whatever she had bought him.

However, the man said she owes him more things and told her to "stop being a innocent for god sick".

Anonymous told Stomp: "My husband asked for a date for her to return the iPhone, only for us to realise that she has blocked us everywhere."

Poor iPhone.