Company taunts man asking about oxygen for wheelchair service, says 'it's free from the air'

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A simple yes or no would have sufficed.

Stomper David was not expecting to be insulted or mocked when he enquired about wheelchair transport services for his 87-year-old grandmother.

He said: "My grandma is wheelchair-bound and oxygen-dependent. She has regular appointments at Ng Teng Fong Hospital so I have booked wheelchair transport with other companies before, always engaging those that provide oxygen.

"However, she mentioned that she would be more comfortable if the ambulance had a wheelchair ramp or lift. Hence, I decided to search again for alternatives, only to come across this disgusting company."

David shared his unpleasant experience with Vimo Services, a social enterprise that provides limousine service, wheelchair transport and bicycle transport.

He recounted: "When I called them on Monday (Sept 19), the line was cut off after two rings and I received a WhatsApp message.

"I simply asked if they provide any oxygen along with their wheelchair service and was given a rude reply that 'oxygen is free from the air'. I told the person not to joke about matters like this and they replied with, 'You started first'."

David shared screenshots of his WhatsApp conversation with Vimo Services, who had replied to his enquiry about oxygen with a curt 'no' before saying: 'It's free. From the air.'

David then asked Vimo Services to clarify what they meant. The latter said, "It's ok" and suggested that he look for medical transport or an ambulance.

When told not to joke about such matters, Vimo Services said: "You started (it) first."

David explained that he was asking a genuine question, but Vimo Services disagreed and said he was "simply too lazy to find out what is wheelchair transport before asking that question".

"Just go away. Thanks," they added.

When David said he would be sharing the incident with the media to alert other consumers, Vimo Services responded: "Do whatever u want."

David told Stomp: "They have since blocked me. I'm just appalled that someone would speak like that. This is absolutely disgusting."

Stomp contacted Vimo Services on Tuesday and received an automated reply stating: "Our answers are short and direct as they deliver the best results."

In response to a Stomp query, Vimo Services said: "We expect all customers to visit our website to find out about our services and not ask questions not relating to what we are providing.

"It is clearly stated on our website that we are providing a non-emergency point-to-point service.

"He should not even consider to get wheelchair transport services if the patient requires any form of medical attention during the journey."

Asked what he thinks about Vimo Services' response, David told Stomp: "Why run a business when you have zero patience for any enquiries?

"To joke about oxygen being free from the air is not funny, especially for my grandma who struggles to breathe every second.

"I downloaded the Vimo app and it did state that they have some form of dialysis transport, which was why I decided to call to get my questions answered.

"Why have customer support when you have no intention of providing any customer service?"

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