Man allegedly pretends to be hit by reversing car: 'He made himself fall over like a cartoon character'

Submitted by Stomper DJ Funky T

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A driver believes he had encountered a possible scam.

A pedestrian allegedly pretended to be hit by his car and then asked for $100 to see a doctor.

Stomper DJ Funky T, who is the driver, said it happened in a carpark at 59 Upper Changi Road on July 14 at about 5.45pm and shared dash cam video of the incident.

"This man rammed himself into my reversing car and made himself fall over like a cartoon character!" recounted the Stomper.

The man's legs can be seen comically up in the air behind the car after the "fall".

"After that, he pretended to be injured and even showed me a graze on his right knee that was self-inflicted prior to the incident," said the Stomper.

"He said he had no money to see the doctor and asked me for $100.

"I stepped away to make a phone call and then returned to take my car camera SD card and to escort him to make a police report, but he (and his uncle friend) disappeared.

"There were also two shady bystanders asking me about the incident later on and one claimed to be police from Bedok. He showed me a police pass too, which I believe was fake.

"Beware, people, these guys now operate in groups (with lookouts etc) and they are now targeting reversing vehicles. They are probably hoping that there's no rear car camera.

"I've filed a police report and I'm going to file one more for the bystander impersonating a police officer."

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that a report was lodged.


After the article was published, the Stomper told Stomp on July 17: "I just went to the Tanah Merah NPC (Neighbourhood Police Centre) this afternoon to ask about the person whom I thought was impersonating a policeman. 

"This 'impersonator' had given me his phone number on Friday and had asked me to contact him if I was okay to be a witness for my incident. 

"I provided this contact number to the officer at Tanah Merah NPC and he checked the system records for me. It turned out that the 'impersonator' is indeed a legit investigating officer from Bedok division and not impersonating an officer as I had believed."