Man, 29, arrested for stealing several luxury items worth over $34k from Orchard Road shops

A 29-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly stealing several luxury items from shops along Orchard Road, the police said in a statement on Tuesday night (Apr 26).

The police received several reports of items, including leather bags and perfumes, stolen between Apr 22 and 25.

The estimated total value of the items is about $34,860.

Officers established the identity of the man and arrested him on Tuesday.

He will be charged in court on Wednesday (Apr 27) with theft in dwelling.

The offence carries a jail term of up to seven years and a fine.

The police reminded retailers to remain vigilant against shop thieves and to adopt the following measures:

  1. Ensure a good line of sight for the displays by using an appropriate shop layout;

  2. Display advisory posters or signage against shop theft;

  3. Display expensive merchandise in locked showcases or at prominent locations (e.g. near cashier counters);

  4. Install CCTVs with a recording system at the entrance/exit of the store to capture the facial features of shoppers; and

  5. Deploy adequate security personnel to patrol the premises in luminous vests for deterrence.

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