Regular customer caught stealing $1,800 from massage shop at Pasir Panjang Road

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A man conveniently helped himself to cash from a massage shop that he often patronised, not realising that he had been caught on camera.

The incident occurred at the Pasir Panjang Road outlet of Thai Experience, which provides traditional massage and reflexology treatments.

The shop owner alerted Stomp to the theft that took place on Sunday afternoon (Feb 6), at around 1.40pm.

He said: "I would like to bring to everyone's attention to an incident of stealing from my shop.

"As you can see from the video, this person came into my shop and started looking around. He then opened the drawer at the counter and took money out of it.

"He then looked inside the shop, opened the wicker basket and took more cash from there. All the while, he was looking around to see if there were any cameras around."

A total of $1,800 was taken. As the culprit visited the massage spa frequently, he was easily identified and traced.

The shop owner told Stomp: "He is a regular customer of my shop and two of my staff members have his contact number.

"My staff contacted him and after several calls, he came back and returned the money to us. Hence, we decided not to report the matter to the police.

"However, I still want to share our experience on Stomp to deter the person from repeating such behaviour in my shop or anywhere else. I also wish for others to be aware of such incidents and be safe."

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