Malaysian Grab driver literally goes the extra mile to help S'pore couple who got the wrong address

A Grab driver recently came under the spotlight after a Facebook post of him helping out a lost couple from Singapore went viral.

According to the driver, Fadhli Sahar’s Facebook post, the incident happened in early August 2017. 

The couple was using Grab services in Malaysia for the first time when Fadhli picked up the two at Empire Hotel in Subang, Selangor.

They were reportedly on their way to a relative’s house, reports World of Buzz

After clarifying the address to be Main Place at USJ 21, which the couple had keyed in the Grab app, Fadhli moved off. 

He said:

“I felt strange because the address that they keyed in showed the shopping mall but when I asked the passengers, they weren’t sure as they had just coined and pasted the address in the app.”

When they reached their destination, however, the couple was surprised and thought that Fadhli had gotten lost.

Fadhli told them that he had simply followed the Global Positioning System (GPS) and they were at the specified destination. 

He quickly asked to take a look at the address which they had copied.

It was then Fadhli realised that the couple had copied and pasted the wrong details.

Apparently, their relative’s house was in USJ 6, but the unit number was 21.  

As they pasted the unit number into the app, it displayed the nearest location as USJ 21 instead.

Fadhli told the couple that they had the wrong address, and the two started panicking, as they were lost in an unfamiliar place. 

Empathising with their circumstances, Fadhli decided to help them. 

He told the man:

“It’s okay, sir.

“I’ll drop you at the correct address instead.”

Fadhli proceeded to turn off his Grab driver app and sent them to their address. 

He told the couple that there would be an extra charge of RM5 as it was about 5km from USJ 21 to USJ 6, bringing the total fare to RM20.

When they arrived, the couple passed him an RM50 note and refused when Fahli handed back their change. 

The man said:

“It’s okay. 

“RM20 for the ride. 

“RM30 for your kindness. 

“Your kindness is more expensive than the fare.”

Well, just goes to show kindness begets kindness.