Biker who gave ride to 80-year-old man lost on PIE: "If that was my dad, I'd want someone to help"

When an 80-year-old man lost his way on the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) on Jul 10 close to midnight, several motorists drove by without realising that he was a person in need.

Thankfully, Mohd Jalil Bin Mohd, 24, stopped his motorcycle by the expressway to see how he could offer assistance.

Jalil shared his experience on his Facebook page on Aug 2 which was shortly featured on Stomp where he received admiration from readers who saluted him for his kindness.

"Mr Jalil set [a] good example for all to follow. Help someone if we can as one day, we could be like the old man and would need help from someone," wrote Tuckpeter.

"Just think if the old man is our own father who lost the way and no one help[ed] him...just think lah. Terbaik bro..." echoed Ah Kong.

Stomp met with Jalil on Aug 4 at IMM to find out more about what happened that night.

After stopping on the road shoulder of the expressway, Jalil asked the uncle where he was going to which he replied, "I don't know where I am and I don't know where I'm from."

Jalil was immediately concerned and citing his experience as a police officer during his national service, he instinctively asked for the old man's National Registration Identity Card (NRIC).

The man did not appear to have one and after much rummaging, Jalil found a white card that had the man's name, date of birth and address in Bukit Batok on it.

He happened to have an extra helmet with him that night and asked the uncle in Malay, "Uncle, do you want to take a ride on my bike?"

Jalil believes that it was more than a coincidence and that he was meant to help the old man that night.

"I finished work at 9pm that night but I stayed back close to 12am. I don't know why, it was just an instinct even though I wasn't needed at work," said the sales executive.

The man thanked Jalil and agreed but insisted on getting off the bike once they reached Bukit Batok, saying that he would walk from there.

Jalil was concerned that the man might get lost again and quickly flagged down a taxi, told the driver to send him to his home address and to make sure he made it home safely, telling him how he had found the man on the expressway.

Jalil does not fault the other motorists for not stopping, "Maybe they did not realise it was a person as it was late at night".

"I stopped because from far, I knew it was a person. He reminds me of my dad. If that was your own family member who was stranded, obviously you would want somebody to help. So I put myself in those shoes."

When asked if he has ever done something like this before, Jalil humbly shared other small acts of kindness he has done.

"They are not to the extent of helping someone stranded on an expressway," laughed Jalil. "But I have helped a blind woman cross the street and an auntie by carrying her grocery bags across an overhead bridge."

"I think that many Singaporeans are doing this but they are our unsung heroes."

Jalil said that he shared his experience to convey this message:

"If you see someone in need and you want to help but are scared of what people will think about you, don't be, just do it for humans' sake."

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