Love Story: Man's poem about journey with wife is more perfect than an Ed Sheeran song

Rajiv has penned a touching poem detailing the vibrant journey that he has been on ever since meeting his soulmate, Tia, and eventually marrying her.

The poem is so vivid and romantic that it will make you want to sing it along to an Ed Sheeran ballad.

Here is the poem in its entirety:

We were at crossroads when we first met
She was job hunting and I was finishing school
But if I had passed up on this chance
I would have been a fool

I was looking for lust
Had no plans at all for love
But then she came along
Like a gift from above

She was everything one could ask for
Caring, funny and truly dedicated
At first my life was bleak
But then she got me rejuvenated

We went out on many dates
And I learned about her taste
Fried oyster without the oyster
And pasta with cream base

My love for her spread like a rash
And she was the cure for the itch
I had to impress her from the start
And present my best sales pitch

Arguments were of course inevitable
Especially due to finances
But we pulled through and steadied up
Despite the challenging circumstances

Things took a turn for the better
When we both found full time employment
But being an adult meant that
Responsibilities never stayed dormant

From milk powder, childcare and rent
The money kept slipping out
Thankfully our families were there
Whom we couldn't do without

In time we pulled our resources together
And saved up for a Sale of Balance flat
No more staying in a cigarette filled house
Or sleeping on a thin mat

She made me grow up
I was not the boy I used to be
Dealing with housework and soiled diapers
Suddenly became a thing of regularity

With the two kids around
She worked so hard but slept very little
Anyone else would have been broken
Thankfully my baby is not that brittle

But she was not left alone
For I played my part
Giving no less than 100%
To all three of my sweethearts

I was never the best mannered person
But she teaches me to be humble
And she is always there to ensure
That I stay out of trouble

Without her my life lacks purpose
That goes without any mention
She is the air traffic controller
That guides me in the right direction

We have been really blessed this life
Kids, marriage and a new house
Best part of it all was that
It was achieved with her as my spouse

There is no one else like her
I hope to spend my end of days
Cuddled up in her arms
Always, all ways

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