Love Story: Our family of 4 reunited after 6.5 years -- thanks to my wife's sacrifice

Ray and his wife, Rui, have been together for 13 years and married for 10 -- but it wasn't a relationship without its fair share of trials and tribulations.

However, they managed to make things work and are now living in bliss with two children, partly due to the sacrifices that Rui had made.

Ray shares his love story: "This is our 10 years in marriage since 07.07.07, a rocky and unstable marriage we went through in these short 10 years.

"I met my wife (Rui) in 2005 during my first overseas assignment in Tianjin, China.

"In 2005, I gave up a staff position in Singapore to take up an overseas job.

"Many people thought that I was insane to leave a stable full-time job (my first job after graduating) for a yearly contracted position, especially since I had an outstanding loan of S$30,000 for my Master's Degree.

"Somehow, the force was strong for this and till today, I have no regrets leaving Singapore for that job. I had to go around looking for the money to return my employer before leaving my job and flying overseas.

"I used to jokingly chat with my friends that my mission for that assignment was to earn a wife rather than the salary that was offered to me.

"Two years after we met, my contract was unfortunately terminated.

"In order to provide my commitment to our love, we got married while I was working in Thailand. However, after we got married, we had to live apart due to both our careers.

"In 2008, we had our first girl, Wynn.

"For years, my wife took care of herself while working in China.

"In 2012, we had our second child, Qynn.

"After 6.5 years, we finally made the decision to live together and reunite the whole family.

"It was hard for my wife but she decided to leave her government job (which could have fed her for life, with lots of benefits and welfare). It was one of the hardest decisions she ever had to make by far and she also had to leave her parents, but she did it for the sake of our family.

"Now, we have been living together as a proper family. Both of our kids are currently in primary school and we are living happily together, thanks to God."

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