Love Story: From enemies on the badminton court to loving husband and wife

It was far from love at first sight for Rosalind and her husband, Leong.

Partly because when they first met in 1982, Rosalind was just 10 years old and Leong was 14.

They had become acquainted with each other through Rosalind's friend, Wendy.

"He was Wendy's 'puppy-love' boyfriend," said Rosalind.

"I nearly got into a fight with him for occupying the neighbourhood badminton court.

"But I did not take his warning as a threat or take his words seriously as I was a very naive little girl.

"Initially, I helped Wendy pass messages to him but it only lasted a few months before Wendy found a new love and their puppy love ended."

After that, Rosalind and Leong's friendship grew into courtship.

"Since his younger brother was my classmate, he doted on me like his younger sister too.

"We would often spend hours chatting on the phone and it lasted a few years.

"Even during his first three months of national service, he would make the effort to queue up for a public phone to chat with me.

"It may have been a short chat, but we always looked forward to it.

"We only started our courtship a year before I signed on with the Singapore Armed Forces in 1992.

"However, due to different expectations in my life, we broke up in 1993."

The lovebirds could not be apart for too long and reunited in 1995, a few months before Rosalind's ROD on Feb 9, 1995.

On why she went back to him, Rosalind said:

"No one can give the kind of treatment and love that I received from him as a queen.

"I'm not an easygoing person. I am extremely stubborn, demanding, bad-tempered, controlling and aggressive.

"I expect 100 per cent honesty (same goes for me), to share everything (his money is mine too, but mine only belongs to myself hahaha) and no secrets between us.

"When I say no, I really mean NO."

They got married on Feb 14, 1996, and this coming Valentine's Day marks their 22nd year together as husband and wife.

Rosalind appreciates how patient and understanding her husband has been all these years.

"Leong is willing to take my demanding and strong character, no matter how unreasonable my demand is.

"No one can treat me the way he doe, I'm the queen at home.

"My only boy, now 16 years old, often complains that Daddy is the reason Mummy is so unreasonable and demanding.

"But Leong will only say he remembers the vows he took when we registered our marriage.

"For a lasting marriage, if both can't compromise, one party needs to give in.

"Since he loves me, it's fine for him to give in, as long as it results in a happy ending!

"We have gone through many ups and downs that nobody else knows of since we began courting.

"My mother never really liked Leong or supported our relationship because he did not meet her expectations or was her ideal type of son-in-law.

"However, as years passed, Leong worked hard to prove to everyone, including my mother, that not only is he a good hubby but also a loving one.

"Now, my mother always reminds me to be contented to have such a hubby.

"Happy Valentine's Day and anniversary to my dearest hubby Leong!"

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