Lifeguards keep kids safe and buzzing with happiness at Bishan Swimming Complex

Submitted by Stomper Jason

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Jason was impressed with lifeguards at Bishan Swimming Complex who made his daughters' day at the pool an enjoyable and safe experience.

Jason said his girls were delighted to see a few lifeguards setting up a floating slide at the kids' pool when they arrived at the swimming complex on Saturday morning around 9am.

"They allocated one female lifeguard to clear obstacles and ensure the kids queue up," he said.

"Another lifeguard was standing at the end of the slide to make sure the kids are safe after sliding down.

"Even two lifeguards took turns to ensure the safety of the kids."

He added that they did all this under the hot sun.

As a parent, he said he was grateful to the lifeguards for ensuring the fun experience was safe for the children.

"Thanks to all the lifeguards at Bishan Swimming Complex who set up the floating slide right at the beginning and suring the floating slide is positioned at a safe spot.

"You have made the kids buzz with smiles and happiness.

"Keep it up!"