Diner shocked after paying $8.50 and $14.50 for mixed rice meals from Kopitiam stall

Submitted by Stomper Reeve

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We visit coffee shops when we want to get an affordable meal but a diner was shocked at the price of his meal from a mixed rice stall at a Kopitiam located at V Hotel Lavender.

Stomper Reeve and his companion had just hopped off a bus from Kuala Lumpur on Monday afternoon (Oct 23) when they saw the Kopitiam and decided to eat there.

He added that it was his first visit.

He shared photos of their meals which cost them $8.50 and $14.50.

"I was shocked about the price," he said.

According to their receipts, the $14.50 plate included fish, pork chop, meat and fried rice.

The $8.50 meal included pork chop, meat and fried rice.

When asked how much he thought would have been a reasonable price, Reeve said most places charge between $4 to $7 for similar meals.

He said: "$14 is too much, as you can see from the servings.

"It's more expensive than the Marina Bay Sands food court."