$16 for mala meal that's not even at a big F&B chain is 'absurd', says Stomper

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Is $16 for mala hotpot at a coffee shop stall reasonable?

A Stomper said he visited the Dragon-Fly Mala Hotpot stall at Block 259 Bukit Panjang Ring Road on Nov 27, at around 11am. He was shocked by the price of his meal.

He recounted: "I paid $16 for only mala ingredients, no noodles.

"It's a neighbourhood hawker centre mala stall, not even a big hawker chain like Kopitiam, Koufu or Food Republic."

The Stomper provided a cost breakdown of what he ordered:

  • Fried beancurd skin: $1

  • 0.246kg of meat (one quadrant of luncheon meat and some chicken): $8.61

  • 0.288kg of vegetables (two pieces of bok choy and one pack of enoki mushrooms) $6.34

  • Takeaway container: $0.30

Asked how much he thinks is an acceptable price, the Stomper said: "I used to come to this stall quite often to eat with friends. A meal for two with the same ingredients and four sets of noodles would cost $15 to $18.

"Now, I got charged $16 for just ingredients and no noodles.

"I may not have the best judgment for food prices but $16 is quite absurd for just toppings barely enough for two pax."

This is not the first time Stompers have expressed outrage over mala hotpot prices.

A man told Stomp last month that he felt like his teenage daughter had gotten 'bullied' into paying for overpriced mala with 'all her pocket money' at Aperia Mall.

And in September, another diner shared how her $17.90 meal at Jurong Point did not taste nor look like mala.