Kindergarten teacher slapped by neighbour during dispute at Punggol residence

A kindergarten teacher was slapped during an altercation with her neighbours, who accused her of creating excessive noise, littering and pouring dirty water onto their balcony. 

The neighbourly dispute happened at Block 603B Punggol Road in January 2017.

The victim, Ms Li Lin Lin, 27, told Shin Min Daily News that she and the neighbours living one floor below her have been on bad terms since 2012 over a misunderstanding.

The couple came up to complain a few times in the past, and also called the police. 

She said:

“Once, it was raining heavily and the couple suddenly came up to my unit and confronted me, asking me why I was washing my windows, causing dirty water to drip onto their balcony. 

“As they were very rude, I retorted, asking them if they had evidence. 

“They became very angry and attempted to attack me.”

Ms Li added that she had not been washing her windows then and never threw litter or dirty water onto their balcony. 

She could not understand why the couple was finding problems with her.

Since that incident, whenever they bump into each other, the couple would glare at her, said Ms Li. 

In January 2017, the couple accused her of throwing rubbish onto their balcony and confronted her. 

Said Ms Li:

“There was once I bumped into the two off the downstairs and they started scolding me immediately after.

“They not only hurled insults but threatened me.

“I was very agitated and snapped back at them.

“The husband suddenly reached out and slapped me, causing my face to swell.

“I called the police after that and went to a hospital for treatment.”

Ms Li said that she was willing to let bygones be bygones, but later received a lawyer’s letter from the couple, demanding a formal apology. 

The two parties then attempted to resolve their differences at a community mediation centre, but could not find a common ground.

The case was brought up to the courts instead.

Ms Lin reiterated:

“They had to drop their charges as they did not possess sufficient evidence.

“I asked for $5,000 compensation but they were unwilling to fork out the money, so I asked them to publish a formal apology in the newspapers instead.”