Kind motorcyclist helps Foodpanda rider deliver food after his PAB tyre punctures

Submitted by Stomper Peter Yeo

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A Foodpanda delivery rider was at a loss when the back tyre of his power-assisted bicycle (PAB) suddenly punctured while he was in the middle of delivering food.

Stomper Peter Yeo shared with Stomp that was in the midst of delivering two food orders in the early hours of Sept 15 when his tyre blew out.

He informed Foodpanda of what had happened before a kind motorcyclist stopped to assist him.

"A motorcyclist sensed that I may be having issues with my PAB and stopped to check on me," he said.

"Without hesitation, he offered to deliver the two orders to the customers on his bike.

"I passed him my mobile device as riders need to take proof of delivery at the customers' doorsteps."

"Before he left to make the deliveries, he told me to wait for him at a safer location where I could park my PAB."

Peter said after the motorcyclist had completed his orders for him, he offered to pay him the fares he would have earned.

"He adamantly refused to accept my offer of monetary returns for his help," he said.

"In this era, it would be hard to find someone like him who would actually help riders on the road unconditionally.

"In my perspective, his a good Samaritan who would not accept any monetary returns for his kind deed.

"I will bless him every day with my religion that he succeeds in his career and gets a promotion in whatever job he may be doing now."