Kind stranger brings stranded cyclist on Lornie Highway to safety, even loads his bicycle in car

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A Good Samaritan not only stopped to help a cyclist in need, but even went the extra mile by helping him with his bicycle.

Stomper Adam, the cyclist's son, said the incident occurred along Lornie Highway last Thursday (Aug 24), at around noon.

Expressing his gratitude towards the kind stranger who helped his 61-year-old father, Adam told Stomp: "My father was stranded along a busy road with his bicycle.

"There was nothing wrong with his bicycle, but it was his first time trying to cycle back from his workplace and he was very unfamiliar with the road.

"This man helped bring my father and his bicycle to safety. He even risked damaging the interior of his car by loading the bicycle in."

Adam said the man brought his father to Sixth Avenue, near EtonHouse Pre-School.

The Stomper added: "My father was very surprised that someone would really go out of his way to do something like this, especially because the bicycle would not fit into the car at all. They ended up putting it in the boot, even though the boot kept opening up a few times during the drive.

"Singapore is filled with kind-hearted people!"