Helper in tears after finding cash missing, kind stranger buys bread for her and gives her money

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October 16, 2023

Followers of the Complaint Singapore Facebook page may be used to reading about the bad experiences of others, whether in a restaurant or during a trip in a private-hire vehicle.  

One recent story, however, must have caught a few of them by surprise.

A very pleasant surprise, in fact. 

post on Oct 15 was written by an anonymous domestic helper in Singapore, who shared about her encounter with a good Samaritan that very evening.

"Just now, I [broke into] tears," the helper wrote.

She went on to explain that she was trying to purchase bread when she realised her cash was "missing", which prompted her to cancel her order.

"Then suddenly, this woman approached me with the bread, saying that she bought it for me,” she said.

“She also put some cash in the plastic carrier.”

Moved by the gesture, the helper asked for the woman's number, so that she could repay her down the line. But the woman declined to give it to her.

Posting a photo of the charitable woman, the helper said she was hoping someone on social media could help identify her. The photo, however, only showed the person's back, while she was at a bus stop in Boon Keng. 

"Sorry, maybe I'm being dramatic, but the woman means a lot to me as a helper. In my hard life, there are still good people who help me."

In the comments, a few netizens called on the helper to “pay it forward”, referring to the act of repaying the kindness to others. 

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