Worker stops painting to help elderly woman who fell at Bedok Reservoir carpark

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A simple act of kindness is enough to make everyone's day.

A Stomper was happy when he happened to witness a worker assisting an elderly woman at Bedok Reservoir Road on Wednesday morning (Oct 4).

"At about 11.20am, I was doing stretches while working at my desk," he said.

"My eyes happened to see this heartwarming moment after an elderly woman appeared to have fallen on the pavement at the carpark.

"The woman who I assumed to be her daughter or daughter-in-law had trouble bringing the elderly woman back to standing.

"She ran to ask for assistance from one of the workers who was painting our estate.

"The painter rushed to help the elderly woman up and assisted her to a nearby seating area before moving on with their daily lives.

"The elderly woman seemed to be unwell though."

The Stomper told Stomp that witnessing the moment 'made my whole day'.

He added that the worker was presumably from Soon Aik Painting Contractor based on signs placed around the estate.