Kind boy makes Changi Airport cleaner cry with thank you bow and free fruits

Submitted by Stomper Anna

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Update on April 20:

Stomp has identified the boy and presented him with a Goody Bag.

Get the full update here: 4-year-old boy who made Changi Airport cleaner cry gets cake and Stomp Goody Bag

Original article:

When was the last time you said thank you to the cleaner who cleared your dirty dishes and tray while you were eating out?

For one little boy, it is a simple gesture that comes naturally.

Stomper Anna witnessed how the boy treated a cleaner at Changi Airport so kindly that the latter was moved to tears.

Not only was he extremely polite towards the cleaner, he also thanked her with a bow and then bought her fruits to eat.

Anna recounted the heartwarming incident that occurred last Sunday (April 15) at around 7pm: "I was having my dinner while waiting for my son to arrive when I saw this little boy buying food with his mother.

"He caught my attention as he was very cute and kept thanking his mother for buying him his favourite food."

Pointing out how this simple act of thanking our own parents is something that one does not see much in Singapore, Anna said this was not even what struck a chord with her the most.

She continued: "What really impressed me was how he was very polite to the cleaner who cleared the table. He thanked the auntie with a bow while his mum cleaned the table and handed over the tray to the auntie.

"He and his mother went to buy some drinks and I saw the little boy pointing out to some fruits. He took the fruits and was busily looking around for someone. His mum then pointed out to the cleaner.

"He went straight to her and said, 'Thanks, Grandma, for keeping the area so clean and for cleaning our table. Please have some fruits and rest.'"

According to Anna, this brought the cleaner to tears.

Thanking the boy profusely, she also gave him a hug and blessed him.

"Children of such a young age being so gracious and being so appreciative is so heartwarming to see," added the Stomper.

"I chanced upon the boy's photo on Facebook when my friend liked the post of his photos on Facebook. Hence, I decided to share his photo with Stomp."

Anna said that she hopes sharing this incident will enable everyone to learn how to appreciate cleaners more and not take advantage of them.

She told Stomp: "This boy has indeed taught all of us a beautiful lesson with his actions. Hats off to the little boy's mother who encouraged his actions too. His upbringing speaks for itself.

"I hope all parents will be motivated like his mum to teach good values to their children."

Stomp has censored the boy's face to protect his identity.