Youth touched by auntie who bought him drink at Yishun eatery: "I want to pass it on"

Submitted by Stomper Zi

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Stomper Zi was touched by one woman's kind gesture yesterday (Dec 18) afternoon.

He had bought chicken rice at an eatery near Yishun MRT Station when an elderly lady asked if she could sit at his table.

He immediately said yes and cleared the table for her.

"I did not have enough money to buy a drink and the auntie apparently noticed it because when she went to buy one for herself, she got one for me too," said Zi.

"She said she bought the drink for me because I looked like a good boy," Zi laughed.

He was very touched by what she did and wanted to share it with others.

"I want to tell others to help each other no matter what race or religions you come from because at the end of the day, we are still humans who depend on one another," said the Stomper.

"If a person is in need, just help."

He added that he was inspired to "pass it on": "If I come across someone who is in need, I will try my best to help them."