Jurong West stall charges $4.20 for fried mee with only 1 ingredient, says 'costs have risen'

Submitted by Stomper Hangry

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A diner paid $4.20 for his fried economy noodles that turned out to be not at all economical.

Stomper Hangry said he ordered fried noodles with half a chicken cutlet from Best Coffee Shop at Block 959 Jurong West Street 92 on August 28, at around 8pm.

It was his first time buying from the coffee shop stall.

Hangry told Stomp: "I was charged $4.20 for this economic noodles with just one ingredient (half a chicken cutlet).

"I was told that the cost price for chicken and noodles have risen. The stall wanted more money for chilli as well."

"This is just a kopitiam in the residential heartlands, not Marina Bay Sands or Food Republic.

"Basic living costs have been rising considerably and there's still a second impeding Goods and Services Tax (GST) hike to 9% next year."

Asked how much would be a reasonable price for his meal, Hangry said: "Less than $3."