'Daylight robbery': How can this 'basic' nasi padang cost $11 at Jurong Point food court?

Submitted by Stomper Saggi

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Is there a dish that has sparked as much outrage among Singaporeans as nasi padang?

Stomper Saggi is the latest customer to feel overcharged for a plate of nasi padang after she visited Cantine food court at Jurong Point shopping mall on Sunday (Sept 3), at around noon.

Saggi said: "I bought a basic nasi padang consisting of redang daging (beef), sambal goreng and begedil (fried potato). It was super expensive at $11 and not worth it at all.

"Daylight robbery, I must say."

It was Saggi's first time buying from the nasi padang stall and she was so surprised that she did not question them about why her meal was so expensive.

Asked how much she thinks would be acceptable or reasonable for what she ordered, Saggi told Stomp: "$7 the most."