Chilling! Woman pays $8 for 2 ice creams from Tampines roadside cart

Has inflation in Singapore reached a tipping point?

Even ice cream from a roadside stall does not come cheap these days.

Just ask Facebook user Lola Quek, who paid $8 for two ice creams from a vendor's cart outside Tampines MRT station on Sunday (Sept 3).

A photo shows that Lola bought an ice cream sandwich with bread and an ice cream cone.

Lola wrote in a post in the Complaint Singapore group: "I asked the uncle 3 times $8?! He said it’s big size now, last time ice cream cone not so big, he was so insistent till the end.

"Think I was being ripped off but since he was an uncle, I did not make a big hooha. Told him it’s not right to do this but he stood his stance so I paid anyway. Nowhere on the cart did he indicate the price, be wary, guys."

Lola later edited her post to say that she would not have made the purchase if she knew the price beforehand, and urged others to ask about the pricing before buying.

Her post has drawn over 280 comments and 500 shares, with many netizens agreeing that they have had similar experiences with the same ice cream uncle.

Several also pointed out that $8 could get you a whole tub of ice cream (and more) from the supermarket.