Jurong Point responds after shopper says claw machines always almost empty, impossible to win anything

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Jurong Point has responded after a shopper shared feedback that some claw machines, where Sanrio plush toys can be won as part of a Mid-Autumn Festival programme, are always close to being empty thus making it impossible to win anything.

A Stomper shared photos of the claw machines that are placed at the third level of the mall, near a cinema. 

He said: "I visit the mall very frequently and it's the same situation each time. This has been the situation for past 3 weeks. 

"The claw machines are almost always empty on the numerous days that my family members or I were at the mall.

"The plush toys at the corners are not reachable by the claw.

"I had given feedback to the Customer Service at Level 1 on Aug 31 and the officer told me "they replenish everyday".

"This is contrary to what I saw and am still seeing. 

"If you look at the machines, one of them is the small claw, so the big cushions can never be taken. For the big claw machine, they are always weak to pull up the cushions. 

"This simply means almost impossible to win anything. 

"I recently visited again on Monday (Sep 9) and noticed there are more a lot more plush toys in them."

Responding to a Stomp query, a Jurong Point spokesperson said:

"As part of our Mid-Autumn Festival, shoppers with minimum $30 spend (in a single receipt) will get three chances to pick up some exclusive character plushies from the claw machines.

"The claw machines were replenished multiple times throughout the day to ensure sufficient variety and quantity are there for our shoppers’ enjoyment.

"On average, more than 100 plushies have been won daily. We would like to assure the shopper that we have sufficient stocks to carry through the end of the campaign.

"With regards to the different claw sizes on each machine, they have been designed to cater to the variety of plushies of different sizes.

"We will continue to review our marketing programmes and work closely with our vendors.

"We would like to thank the shopper for his feedback."