Japan Home apologises, launches investigation after woman buys thermometer with another lady's name written on it

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Japan Home has launched an investigation into a case where a customer bought a thermometer from its Compass One outlet only to find another woman's name written on it.

The home goods chain has also stopped selling the item as an added precaution.

This response comes after Facebook user Michelle Teo shared how she had bought two thermometers from Japan Home at Compass One on Mar 28.


When she reached home, she was shocked to find one of the thermometers had the name Tiffany Lim written on it with a blue marker.

"This is ridiculous and gross on so many levels," she wrote.

"How can Japan Home be selling a USED thermometer during such times, when we are supposed to be practicing good hygiene habits?

"A thermometer is something very personal.

"At such a crucial time, when the government is advocating good hygiene habits, promoting social distancing, and with everyone being extra careful because of Covid-19, we have Japan Home selling used thermometers as if it isn’t a big deal."

In updates included in her post, she said the Compass One outlet "unwillingly refunded" her the money for both thermometers on Mar 29.

She was contacted on Mar 30 by Japan Home and was told it would be launching a full investigation into the matter.

On Tuesday morning (Mar 31), Japan Home posted a statement on its Facebook page to clarify the incident.


"Everyone at Japan Home is shocked and distressed to learn of this incident with the thermometer," it said.

"We have immediately verified that there is no second case like such with all inventory on hand."

It added that it has since contacted the supplier and importer for the product and are "fully engaged to ensure proper accounting of the incident".

This includes verifying the integrity against product tampering through the logistics supply-chain, up to production at the factory.

Japan Home said it has since gotten in touch with the customer to "make immediate restitution for her unfortunate encounter at our store and inconvenience".

"We want to apologise to her once again for the bad experience," it said.

"Whether it be a case of deliberate tampering or sabotage prank, we are determined to find out at which point of the supply chain the tempering occurred, and if possible trace any evidence to the culprit. 

"We will decide how to handle the matter next once we complete the investigation and with the product supplier.

"At Japan Home, we are committed to putting our customer’s interests first. 

"We will continually strive to provide the best customer service possible. 

"We want to thank our customers for the kind understanding and the support given."