After hurling F-word, Floral Garage shuts down another customer who received rotting roses

A florist company who made headlines on Stomp for using the F-word during a heated exchange with a customer is in the limelight again.

In a report on Monday (Feb 17), Stomper Duckben shared his unpleasant experience with Floral Garage over a Valentine's Day bouquet that he ordered for his wife.

Both parties had hurled the F-word at each other.

Many customers also commented about similar encounters they had with Floral Garage.

In a post on Feb 15, Facebook user Shanice Lim shared how her roses from Floral Garage were "rotting" when she received them on Valentine's Day.

According to her, one rose was "badly rotten" while another was "already starting to rot" when she took photos of the bouquet at around 4.21am on Feb 15.

Ms Lim also said the flower arrangement was "so bloody messy" and that there was "no way" the roses could have rotted so quickly if they were fine to begin with.

She added: "They didn't even try to explain how it could have happened."

When contacted by Stomp, Ms Lim shared how she had asked Floral Garage for a full refund but was told that a 15% discount off her next order was 'the best they could do'.

The company also simply replied "noted" to her concerns and said, "Anything else I can help you with? If not this would be the end of our conversation".

This conversation took place on Saturday (Feb 15).

("Bloody rude," Ms Lim told Stomp.)

On Tuesday (Feb 18), Floral Garage told Stomp that it has given Ms Lim a 15% refund and shared more screenshots of the conversation they had.

This conversation, which took place less than 10 minutes after Stomp got in touch with Floral Garage, was of a noticeably different tone.

The person on Floral Garage's end thanked Ms Lim for her feedback, said it was "truly sorry" for the incident and used a smiley face.

Floral Garage said in response to Stomp queries: "We have actually done a follow-up with this customer and refunded partially.

"From the pictures that the customer gave when they bouquet first arrived, they look good. However after a few hours, one of them rotted.

"We have refunded 15% for this. We think this is quite fair.

"We do not guarantee every flower can last very long as sometimes there may be internal rot or the stem of the rose may be hurt etc. that we cannot control.

"We do stringent quality checks before every delivery to ensure at the point of delivery, the flowers are in good shape."

In its statement to Stomp, Floral Garage also shared photos of the roses in question.

The company explained: "These roses are actually kenya-type roses which are more premium than normal i.e. bigger, more petals and long-lasting.

"They may look a bit darker red, but that's their natural colour. If that's what the complaint is also about."