Irvins Salted Egg responds after woman finds dead lizard in bag of chips

Submitted by Stomper Alvin

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Singapore-based food company Irvins Salted Egg has responded to an incident where a woman found a dead lizard in a packet of salted egg potato chips.

Stomper Alvin told Stomp he had ordered a few packets of Irvins Salted Egg potato chips during the 11.11 sale on Lazada last year.

"It was meant for Chinese New Year so my mum was snacking on them on Feb 13," he said.

"She noticed that along with the chips she had picked up, there was a long tail.

"It was then that she noticed it was a lizard!"

"She almost jumped up as she was literally holding onto it together with some chips using her fingers."

He added that all of his family members had eaten from the same packet before his mum found the lizard.

"It was the big packet and we were halfway through."

In response to a Stomp query, CEO of Irvins Salted Egg, Irvin Gunawan said: "Cocoba Pte Ltd, the manufacturer of IRVINS Salted Egg snacks, is aware of the recent incident report from the customer and has retrieved the snack pouch for investigation.

"Our thorough investigation comprised of stringent reviews of all our processes including the end-to-end production line, quality checks of our ingredients and assessment of the existing SOPs.

"We have not found conclusive evidence of the origin of the foreign object as part of this investigation, and we are currently in touch with the customer for service recovery.

"At Cocoba Pte Ltd, food quality of our products and safety of our consumers is our top priority, and we are committed to continuously assessing and improving our processes to ensure that these rigorous standards are not only maintained, but enhanced."