SFA takes action against Marsiling stall after cockroaches crawl all over table during family's meal

Submitted by Stomper Disgusted

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A family was joined by numerous uninvited guests — in the form of cockroaches — during their dinner at a coffee shop at Block 136 Marsiling Road on Sunday (Feb 23).

Stomper Disgusted and her family had ordered some dishes and a fishhead steamboat from the zi char stall at around 6pm.

She recounted: "Two minutes after the steamboat was served, two baby cockroaches came crawling on our table.

"At first, we didn't really bother as we thought the cockroaches were just hidden in the burner.

"However, about five minutes later, there were about 10 cockroaches crawling on the table.

"We told the stall but they were not apologetic and simply replaced the burner.

"Again, after a few minutes, more cockroaches came crawling."

The Stomper and her family were so disgusted by the incident that they quit their meal without finishing their food and went to settle the bill.

The Stomper, who shared a video and photos showing the pests on her table, added: "We were totally disgusted by what we saw, especially during this period of time when good hygiene levels are all the more important.

"I think stallholders need to keep up proper hygiene standards as it is really not advisable for us to fall sick during the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak."

Responding to a Stomp query, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said it had carried out an inspection after receiving feedback.

The SFA told Stomp: "During the inspection, we found that the licensee failed to keep his premises clean.

"SFA has taken enforcement against the licensee for the offence.

"While SFA continues to ensure that regulatory measures are in place and properly enforced, the food industry and consumers should play their part too.

"Operators of retail food stalls and establishments must exercise diligence to ensure that the food they prepare and serve is fit for consumption, and practice good food and personal hygiene.

"Consumers can also play a part by observing good personal hygiene, and choosing to patronise food establishments which adopt good food hygiene practices."

Members of the public who come across poor hygiene practices in retail food establishments should provide feedback via its online feedback form, added the SFA.

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