Invasion of the millipedes at Bedok void deck: 'It instils fear in our hearts every time we walk past'

Submitted by Stomper Shally

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Stomper Shally is concerned by the recent appearance of numerous baby millipedes at the void deck of Block 106 Bedok North Avenue 4.

The Stomper, who shared a video of the creepy-crawly sighting, said this has been ongoing at several blocks in the vicinity since Monday (Nov 25).

Shally told Stomp: "The insects are crawling all over the void deck.

"This has spread concern and worry among residents are if these millipedes are not cleared, they might crawl into residents' homes.

"It also instils fear in our hearts each time we have to walk past with caution.

"Nothing has been done to date despite feedback and several calls to the Town Council, who said they would look into the matter. They said they would send their staff down instead of pest control but the millipedes are still there.

"Please help to clear these unwanted pests before they cause harm to each of us here."

Stomp has contacted the Town Council for more info.

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